The Choice Between Virtue and Vice depicted man's choice and the eternal dilemma in historical research

A Reality Check on McKinsey's AI Bias Matrix

McKinsey addresses algorithmic bias in AI neatly and structurally but overlooks inherent philosophical paradoxes and complexity dynamics. A multidisciplinary, agile model that incorporates ethical pluralism and continuous adaptation better suits today's AI landscape. Revisiting older frameworks is essential due to shifting societal norms and emerging regulations.
Generative AI
Machine Learning Models
"Melencolia I" features a winged figure amidst scientific and mathematical tools, an enigmatic polyhedron, and a magic square. The scene captures themes of introspection, knowledge, and existential weight.

The Unfreedom of Choice

Incomplete knowledge of history shapes strategic advantage and de facto freedom in a deterministic world. The tension between predestination and free will resolves through the sustaining power of historical ignorance.
Incomplete Knowledge
Predetermined World
Léon Cogniet's 1835 painting depicts Napoleon's expedition to Egypt, capturing the drama and ambition of the era with detailed figures and vivid landscapes.

Ontological Bridges: Fusing Archaeology, Digital Technology, and AI for a Comprehensive View of History

The University of Barcelona's team is exploring how combining AI, digital technology, and archaeological methods can provide a deeper understanding of history. Their research introduces concepts like Units of Topography and Actor to enrich archaeological standards. This approach aims to make history more accessible and better understood through modern technology while valuing human interpretation.
Unit of Stratigraphy (US)
Units of Topography (UT)
Ontological Bridges
A painting attributed to the Venetian artist Titian and his assistants, painted in 1550-1565. The painting depicts three human heads facing in different directions, painted above three animal heads: a wolf, a lion and a dog.

Predicting the Past: Harnessing Event Prediction Techniques for Historical Research

In an era fuelled by the might of big data, the question arises: can the blossoming field of event prediction enrich the realm of historical research? Delving into this interdisciplinary area, while recognizing its inherent complexities and potential setbacks, could be a stride towards constructing a higher quality historical timeline.
Predictive Modelling
Historical Events